Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple (Nepali: कालिञ्चोक भगवती) is a Hindu shrine in Dolkha District of Nepal. It is situated in Kalinchowk VDC in Dolkha at the altitude of 3842m from sea-level. The myth about this temple is once a person exits the temple premises one shouldn’t return. It approxly takes 1 hour to reach to this temple from kuri village.[1] Its a part of Gaurishankar Conservation Area from where two rivers Sun Kosi and Tama Kosi river are originated.

As per the priest of temple assigned by the GUTH; In Hindu mythology, this is the place where Goddess Kali killed Raktabīja; an asura (loosely translated as demon) who fought with God and Goddess from the side of the Asura and he was blessed by Mahadev/Shiva that each drop of blood pouring from Raktabīja’s body devoured his duplicates, so his single drop of blood was to turn into a form of his own so there were millions and billons armies generated by his blood, to stop the regeneration of the Asuras Goddess Kali drunk Asuras’ blood. After victory with Raktabija Goddess Kali felt thirsty and there were no source of water then God Mahadev/Shiva through his Trisul (Weapon of Siva) on the top of the mountain and generated watter and Goddess drunk and fulfilled her thrust. There is still source of small amount of water (called Kunda in Nepali), which is taken as holy water and devotees take water to home as well. Still there are bare land surrounding, and there are believes that are due to blood of Raktabija.