Getting MAC addresses of up and running network interfaces in Java

Enumeration<NetworkInterface> networkInterfaces = NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces(); while (networkInterfaces.hasMoreElements()) { NetworkInterface ni = networkInterfaces.nextElement(); // up and running only if(!ni.isUp()) continue; byte[] hardwareAddress = ni.getHardwareAddress(); if (hardwareAddress !=… Read More

Chhabdi Barahi

10 useful git commands

1. git clone This command is used for downloading the latest version of a remote project and copying it to the… Read More

Using ‘Guard Clauses’ : Why nesting ‘if’ statements is bad

The nested ‘if’ statements make our code harder to read and understand. Consider the following code. It might be very simple but is very hard… Read More

PESTELG and TIPS: One answer for all questions

If the question is about issues / challenges / suggestions / opinion / way forwards, use the relevant PESTELG or TIPS dimensions. PESTELG P –… Read More

How to write answers in the Lok Sewa Exams?

Before writing, read the question very carefully. You need to write what is asked; not what you know. Know the Question Descriptors very… Read More

Question descriptors/Keywords used in Lok Sewa Examinations

The question descriptors greatly determine what and how much you need to write. Here is the list of common question descriptors used in Lok Sewa… Read More

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Budhanilkantha is a city in Kathmandu district of Bagmati province of Nepal. It is the 3rd largest city in the Kathmandu Valley after Kathmandu and… Read More

How to use reccur/candlestick-package for laravel?

Candlestick Candlestick is a laravel package that helps to analyze various patterns, structures and trends in candlesticks Features Use it… Read More


Anbu Khaireni (also Aanbu Khaireni, Aanboo Khaireni or Anbukhaireni) (Nepali: आँबुखैरेनि गाउँपालिका) is a Municipality in Tanahu District in the Gandaki Zone of central Nepal… Read More

Canoes, Ratnanagar, Chitwan

Chitwan National Park is the first national park of Nepal. It was established in 1973 and was granted the status of a World Heritage Site… Read More

Nuwakot Durbar

Nuwakot (नुवाकोट)is a town in Nuwakot district of central region Nepal, located above the Trishuli and Tandi Rivers. It Located just 75 km west of… Read More

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Mushroom… Read More


Mushroom… Read More